Mistress Taia - The Goddess Trinity

A multi-faceted being:

  • Deity Domme - the Essence of Goddess.

    My name tells you all you need to know. Your submission to me, for my pleasure and your peace of mind, is personal to you only. Only you know how you have come to understand that your liberation is through relinquishing your body and soul to me in my different forms.

  • Danger Feline - the playful, sensual hunter.

    I hunt for sport. I am relentless in my pursuit, pushing you to exhaustion. When I catch you I will play with your body and soul - tossing you up, down and over until you beg for release from the pain and, redeemed, you will crawl out from my presence.

  • The Smiling Assassin - the warm and nurturing disciplinarian.

    It is in the presence of this warm and nurturing goddess that you come to seek refuge, but you nervously acknowledge that my love is stern. I will break you in, as no one said the path to devotion is easy! Call to mind the beauty of my smile in your darkest hours, and feel the heat of discipline radiate over your body - I do it for your own good.

I am a tall ebony domme, with long long legs and a little thing for the feel of latex (on special occasions!) Dominant by nature, but 'unseen' by many who are caught up in my warm nature and permanent smile - totally missing the fact they submit to my every request, without question, with absolute joy.

I am well mannered, educated and professionally certified in vanilla life. I choose to be a professional BDSM practitioner because I enjoy it and I sleep better doing it! Therefore, do not be mistaken in thinking that I do this because I rely on my beauty to get by, no, I do this because it's my passion.

I am a Sapiosexual, so I expect your contact with me to be intelligent and thoughtful. Lazily composed contact and basic 'hey, how you doing' messages do not get my attention. But a well composed and detailed introduction will.

I look forward to meeting you, and indulging in your service to me.

Novices do not be shy, let us connect and give this a go, you have nothing to lose, only true liberation to gain.