1. Limits

The list of worship items is not limited to those listed under Miss Taia’s Kinks. However do note the following hard limits i.e. the following is not offered in sessions:

  • Penetrative Sex

  • Oral Sex (neither giving or receiving)

  • Scat

  • Blood

  • Watersports (only provided in bottle for coffee session)

  • Medical Play

2. Locations

In Calls & Out Calls (London area only)

  • In Calls - East London

  • Out Calls London Zones 1-4

  • Zones 5-6 and beyond incur an additional charge

Dungeon Sessions

I delight in the sensory magic of a dungeon. With its furniture and tools I am in my element. I will normally have more than one sub in a dungeon session with blindfolds to preserve privacy. If you require a solo dungeon session there will be an enhanced fee.

National and International Travel Requests

I love planes, trains and automobiles and the scents and sounds of different towns and cities. Should you request to serve outside of the London area, contact me to discuss.


3. What to Expect

What you will not find is a Mistress playing a scripted role. These sessions are time for you to be you, its important that you trust in the authenticity of Mistress in order to fully submit and give your true devotion. If its a school mistress you desire, you will get Head Mistress Taia, but what Head Mistress Taia does, depends on how she reads you on the day.

Prior to your session we will discuss your general well-being and what you hope to give during the session. Safety is paramount, therefore I expect total honesty in what you are able to achieve in respect of your health. I enjoy what evolves from repeat subs, this can only be achieved through trust and you remaining healthy.

Be open in your requests. Very little shocks me, however be mindful of what I have listed in Point 1 as my hard limits.

4. Conduct

  • You will refer to me as Mistress at all times.

  • In my presence you will always be below me, never above.

  • You will be respectful and be mindful of your manners.

  • You will not turn up to the session under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If I suspect that you are, I will turn you away and you will lose your session fee.

  • You will be prompt at arriving to your session.

  • You will be prompt in departing from your session.