Standard Tributes

Tributes for one to one worship session are determined by the length of time in my presence. This time is yours to please me, however be prepared for the session to be a time for exploration of your limits and to play with your curiosity, in addition to what you come to offer.

  • 1 hr session - £200

  • 1.5 hr session- £250

  • 2 hr session - £325

  • 3 hr session - £450

  • Dungeon fee - £POA

  • Saturday/Sunday fee - plus £50 per hr

Coffee Domination

Akin to time in the confessional, you will have my attention for 30 minutes. In this time you may choose to sip on my golden nectar, or I could simply froth up your coffee straight from my lips.

  • 30 minute coffee - £75

Lunch / Dinner Domination

I love tapas and good wine, and I will always have the last delicious morsel off each plate. I will devour a rack of ribs, cleaning the meat off each bone without a sticky finger - because you will do that for me.

  • 2 hr Lunch or Dinner - £200 plus meal and drinks.


Gift List and Financial Dedications

I welcome dedications from submissives. How would you like to dedicate an item of latex to my wardrobe, or contribute directly to my daily regime by gifting me a new whipping instrument. I will create a gallery page of tributes received for your pleasure. SEPTEMBER IS MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!